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Each time, a treatment method that meets your needs will be tailored to your existing clinical symptoms.

There is a 24h cancellation policy, which means anybody is free to cancel their appointment outside this period.

Cancellation within the 24h period: Full charge.

What Our Clients Say


I made an appointment with Dr Dani for my daughter who is 15 years old for acupuncture and just before her second session her period arrived. I told Dr Dani and she took everything going on with my daughter into account and catered the treatment. I was so amazed that after just 2 treatments my daughters periods lasted only 5 days, only had a few clots, they were much lighter, and she only had one mood swing incident! This is an amazing change for her! I told Dani that I couldn't believe she suffered for so long when she didn't have to! There is no need to suffer any longer! Life is too short, with too many other things that we must be strong to face, don't let your period take away from your life! Live better, make an appointment today

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